Caves of Narshe

This work experience is one that began while I was just leaving high school, and continues to this day. It's not true work experience in the most strict sense of the word, as I've certainly never received a steady paycheck from doing it, but in many ways it is my most formative experience as it led me to become a web software engineer on a permanent basis. 

The site is a collection of game guides and community features for a video game series, of which I have led in every way since 1997. The site is largely self-sustaining at this point in its lifecycle, but over the years I have continued to work on it and lead a team of volunteers in every regard. I am responsible for all layers of the site's code, from UX down to data management; I design all features; I manage all social media marketing and SEO; I manage day to day operations of the hosted VPS that stores and runs the site. 

Additionally, I have personally provided interviews and soundbites to others in video game media on behalf of the site - in every meaningful way I am invested in the product put out to users, who produce nearly a half-million pageviews per month.

Caves of Narshe
July 1997 - Present
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