Hack Together a Home Server

Wow, it's been ages since I wrote anything up for this blog. So, here's a quick one from a hardware project I'm wrapping up for my home; for many years, I've run a desktop machine that has in the loosest terms been a "server" for my own needs. It's usually been whatever is handed down when I build a new PC for photo editing and/or gaming, so it's a pretty low-spec machine running some variant of...

Only You Can Prevent Data Fires

One of the first things I blogged about was my new-at-the-time Carbonite account , though I didn't actually write the post about the service per se , more about how their speeds were shockingly slow for my initial backup. I write about them again today because as of now, I've just finished a two-week-long process of encountering a data disaster and the slow road to recovery, and Carbonite will again be a factor (but again not the main thrust of the idea).

A backstory: long before NASes became a...


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