I Demand More Internet!

I'm more of a consumer of the internet than most, I suspect. My entire family loves Netflix, from Futurama to Curious George to my wife suddenly becoming enamored of Scandal, God love her. I work from home a few days a week, and as a UX engineer, that often entails transfer of dozens and dozens of files a day, often hundred-megabyte PSDs and other big ol' things. I also upload pretty sizable photos and videos of my daughter fairly frequently, because as long as I'm paying Google for extended storage on her account, I might as well fill it up.

To finish/start the year, I picked up a...

Netflix Makes Up Genres. You Should Too!

I stumbled across this while over the holidays, linked from some article that some friend posted on Facebook. I don’t recall what I saw on Facebook, which means this is almost certainly more interesting, if for no other reason than the amusing generator at the top .

And, of course, there's the image posted here...

Anyway, the methodology that the author used to piece together the information is intensive but also pretty clever. That’s...


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