Hey there.

I'm not famous, and I'm not terribly important. You've probably never heard much about me, but you're here for a reason. Maybe you're a friend, maybe you're family, or maybe you're here at my invitation to learn more about me. In any event, please feel free to take a look at everything here. It's pretty much everything I've poured my soul into over the past few years - or at least my time and energy. I hope you enjoy the new site!

If you'll look around this page, you'll see the oh-so-helpful text reading "Navigation." This set of options will take you around the site to check out my information and some fun stuff I've done over the years. I can particularly endorse the "hire a.o" link, because not only will you get good design out of it, well, I'll eat better.

Very near to the Navigation, you'll find something really fancy - the Skin Navigation. If you're not fond of the site you're looking at right now, pick one of the options in the skin selector to change everything around. From colors to images to fonts, everything will be fresh and new whenever you click that link. Until you've clicked all of them. Then it will still be cool - but probably not as novel.

Thanks again for coming, and I hope you enjoy the site. If there's anything I can do to make your visit here better, please let me know!


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