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Netflix Makes Up Genres. You Should Too!

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If you created forty different slots machines, you could find yourself being able to create subcategories in a Netflix style, such as “Slots Games that Feature Licensed Characters” or “Slots Games with Included Minigames” or “Slots Games with More than 6 Paylines.” Obviously I’m terrible at writing these, but you get the idea – offering up granular subgenres could help direct players better than a more generic setup where all slots games, no matter how different, are in one group, and for the web could allow very crawler-friendly, content-rich pages for indexing.

Minecraft as Livestock Slaughter Simulator

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I first tried Minecraft over three years ago, back when the beta was still pretty new. Having taken a good year and a half away from it, I finally got back around to loading it up again this weekend. It remains a great game, even though to an extent I miss the simplicity of the earlier versions compared to the breadth of the game as it is now.